Wednesday, October 28, 2009

in love

look at that beauty!
I'm talking about the chair, not the baby.
I have been searching for the perfect highchair for
months now, and I am now the owner of this
It was more than I wanted to spend,
didn't need much fixing up,
except for a fresh coat of white paint,
but it is exactly what I wanted,
so I went for it!
Miss A looks so tiny in it,
I think I will make a cushion for her
tooshie, and it will help lift her up a bit.
Do you love it as much as me?

Monday, October 26, 2009

classy chalkboard

I know everyone has done a chalkboard makeover,
except for me!
I've been keeping an eye out for something I thought could work,
and last week I found this at Salvation Army for $7
My husband literally laughed when he saw it.
"Oh ye of little faith," I told him.

much better!
one can of chalkboard spray paint
one can of white spray paint
and some leftover trim to add a place for the chalk!
Can't get much easier than that!

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Monday, October 19, 2009

glittered tabletop chandelier

have you seen these beauties in the Halloween Martha Mag?
they are amazing, right?
also, very expensive.
like $100-$200 expensive
I decided to try to make a mini knock- off.
this one is about 10" high
not quite as elaborate,
but cost me about $4
( I had everything but the glitter)
Make a few to set on a buffet or use as a centerpiece
and you can make the same spooky statement
I just used white cardstock and cut it out
I then used a sponge brush and brushed on Elmer's glue
and sprinkled Martha's onyx glitter on top.
I cut each piece, one from top to middle
the other from bottom to middle,
and put them together.
I did have to add hot glue in the cuts to hold it together.
does this make any sense?
tips to make your own:
use something thicker, maybe cardboard or foam core board
(mine is a little wobbly)
paint your paper/cardboard black before glittering
(I didn't, so it took about 3 coats of glitter to cover that white paper!)
I'm going to attempt a chandelier sometime in the future,
maybe for miss A's first bday party,
I'm thinking hot pink!

If you would like the template I made
leave me a comment with your email and I will send you the PDF

Here is more Halloween decor for you to enjoy!
all you need is a wood wreath form (got mine at Michael's)
I then spray painted it black,
hot glued on some mini pumpkins,
and added a black bow to my wreath hanger.
super easy!
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Saturday, October 10, 2009

free dresser makeover

about a month ago I found this little lady at a garage sale for, get this...
she looked sad sitting there with her free sign on her,
so I decided to snatch her up and take her home with me.
she was in pretty bad shape,
the back was warped and cracked,
there were a few too many coats of paint on her,
she had some ugly contact paper lining her drawers,
she had ugly little knobs,
and her drawers were a little wobbly.
but with lots of love, she started to look better!
here she is, in my dining room, looking beautiful!
for about $30 I turned my ugly little dresser into a charming piece!
don't you think?
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