Monday, August 15, 2011

Pinterest Inspiration

I LOVE Pinterest.
I recently stumbled upon this lovely image
and thought it was just wonderful.
Well lucky for me last weekend at
Scott's Antique Market I stumbled upon
a similar old rake which now resides
in my bathroom and holds some of
of my lovelies.
I was so happy when the vendor
told me it was only $5 because my
goal was to find one for less than $10
Thank you Pinterest for the inspiration.

Monday, August 8, 2011

New Pillows In My Etsy Shop

I have been trying to fill up my Etsy shop with
new pillows, but they have been selling
within 1-2 days, I'm not complaining, but it
sure is keeping me busy!
I decided to let you readers know first when I have
a new pair in the shop.
Also, just for checking out my blog you can get 10% off
your purchase by using the code:
This code will not expire, so whether you want to
use it tomorrow, or in a few months, you can!