Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Kitchen Design Board

The kitchen cabinet painting is taking FOREVER.
It's taking 5 coats of paint (2 primer, 3 paint) to get really good coverage
and I'm only doing one section of cabinets at a time so my kitchen
isn't a complete disaster.  I'm hoping to be done this weekend
so it's ready for our Thanksgiving guests next week!

Here is the design board I put together for the space, 
I can't wait to see it all come together.

I was hoping to complete the renovation within a $1,000 budget but 
we ended up hiring out the electrical and drywall work so it was a little 
more than planned, I'm still hoping to come in close to though!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Kitchen Progress

  We knew when we bought our home that the kitchen was in need of an update.
The house was built in 2000, and the kitchen hadn't been updated since. 
Luckily, the counters are nice white Corian and the cabinets are in
great condition, but the ivy wallpaper had to go along with the 
strange cut-outs into the living area. 

As you can see, ugly wallpaper and strange cut-outs

We got to work on the demo to take this wall down and make a breakfast bar.

We also spent HOURS removing the 1990's wallpaper

Here is the wall down, waiting for the electrician to come move wires

 We had to install a column to hide those wires that were once in the wall,
I think it will frame out the breakfast bar nicely once the countertop is installed

And here is the view looking in to the kitchen, where the breakfast bar will be.

This is the before of the kitchen

And here is the after.
Wallpaper is gone, bead board is painted, and kitchen is updated!

I am currently painting the rest of the cabinets the same color 
as the bead board (Cloud Nine by Benjamin Moore) 
and we will then tile the backsplash, add cabinet hardware, 
add the breakfast bar, and enjoy our updated kitchen!