Design Board
Rates Starting at $100 per room
-Comprehensive design questionnaire to understand your style, needs, budget, and the best use of your space.
- A digital design board that can include furniture, artwork, accessories, paint colors, and other inspiration for your space.
- Other tips and and guidance to help you achieve a beautifully designed space.
- A drafted floorplan of your space can be provided for an additional cost.

Hourly Design $30 an hour
For those of you in the Gainesville Florida area this includes:
- In home design consultations
- Product selection
- Floorplan designs
- Overseeing set up and installation of design
- any of your other design needs

Simple Design Questions for $10

For those needing...
- Advice selecting a paint color
- Advice deciding on which bedding to choose
- Advice on fabric selections for curtains or pillows
- Any other design or decor advice 

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