Tuesday, September 29, 2009

pillow publicity

my latest pillow sham creation was featured on this site.
head on over and check out Alison's other great inspiration.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

upholstered headboard

this upholstered headboard is similar to something you can find at pottery barn. the pottery barn price tag is $500,
this diy version was $60!

what you need:
-1 piece of wood-not too heavy or thick, cut to size
(my piece was 36"x60" for a queen size bed)
- a piece of foam (I used a twin size mattress pad, cut to size)
- 1 piece of batting (large enough to wrap around wood and foam)
- fabric of your choice (I used a tan linen)
- buttons to cover (I used 11 that were 1 1/8")
- two 2x4's to use as stilts
(length depends on how high off the ground you want your headboard)
-spray adhesive- to adhere foam to wood
-staple gun- to secure batting and fabric
-drill- to drill holes in wood as a template for the buttons
- screws or nails- to secure stilts to headboard

I found a coordinating bed skirt at the pb outlet for $20
(and it obviously needs an ironing).

Monday, September 21, 2009

side table before and after

this side table was a wedding gift a few years ago
now that miss A has her own room with a reading corner
(which is more for me than for her right now)
we needed somewhere to put a lamp and some of our favorite books
the table was the perfect size, just the wrong color
all it needed was a little sanding and some paint
and now it is perfect!
don't you think?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

meet clover!

 So this is clover, I eyed him as we were passing by a garage sale this summer in georgia and I had to have him. I, unfortunately, was not prepared for garage sales that day. I had $3 in my pocket and the hubby had $2, he told me if I could get him for $5 then he was mine.

welcome to the family clover!
I did however have to give clover a major make-over before he could reside in miss A's nursery.
By major, I mean it took me hours and hours.
that mane and tail were nasty
the wood was not quite hat I was going for

here is clover, stripped down and ready to be made over!

after sanding and sanding
and 5 coats of white paint (yes I DID use primer as well)
and a trip across the country,
and finding the yarn for a new mane and tail
here is the new and improved Clover
what do you think?