Monday, January 25, 2010

tshirt revamp

I stopped by Old Navy today and
found Miss A a pair of ugg-ish boots for $3,
and a plain brownish gray long sleeved tee for me for $2.50.
I knew I could come up with something for it!
I've had this shirt/dress thing I wore while I was
pregnant that I've been wanting to do something with
and I'm hoping I'm not going to need it for a few more years
and by then it will probably be out of style,
so I decided to steal the flowers from it.
tshirt + flowers = perfection!
I couldn't be happier with the result!
And the best part is,
I only used 3 of the 13 flowers from the dress!

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ps- somebody is turning 1 on Saturday,
so check back next week for the party pics!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

crepe paper wreath

I started out with a $1 wreath form,
and wrapped it with crepe paper.

Then I cut the crepe paper into strips,
lots and lots of strips.

Take two strips and criss cross them like so...

Pinch the center and gather like so...

And hot glue them to your form.

keep going

when you're almost done,
hot glue a ribbon to the form

finish and hang!

perfect for Valentine's day!

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

birthday banner

Every birthday party needs a birthday banner
Well here's the one I made!
I got the idea from Holly over here.
But I did do some tweaking.
-I printed my letters out on cardstock (100 pt font)
-cut the circles out
-used Elmer's glue and a small paint brush to apply
glue around the circle, and sprinkled the glitter on top
- I then hot glued the crepe paper to the back,
bunching or overlapping as I went
(there's no science to it, just make it look good!)
- And finished it by hot glueing it to a ribbon
That's it!
here it is a little bit closer
and even closer
It's not perfect up close, but from a foot away you can't see a flaw!
Total Cost: $4
$3 for the glitter
$1 for the crepe paper
and I have leftovers of both!
(I already had the ribbon, and cardstock)

This is the perfect banner for a birthday party
a holiday, a wedding shower,
a baby shower, or a backyard wedding!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


The invitations are done and are slowly
being dispersed!
My inspiration for the party is a garden theme,
but considering the fact that it's January,
and there is snow on the ground here,
it will be have to be an indoor garden party.
I designed the invites on Illustrator,
added a fun floral-ish motif,
printed them on pink card stock,
and finished them off with some pink rhinestones
and voila!
Custom invites for under $10!

Monday, January 11, 2010

birthday skirt

I made this skirt for Miss A's upcoming
smash cake photo shoot.
It was inspired by MADE's turkey skirt
I think it will accent her cake smothered face quite well.
And it will be paired with her new pink Converse's
that will be waiting for her on her big day.
(just what every new walker needs!)
It only took me one afternoon to make, it was
fun, easy, and came out super cute!
I love the light to dark pink transition.

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

pom pom flowers

I got this for Christmas, which was perfect timing.
I was needing some inspiration for Miss A's
first birthday party!
My budget for the invitations, decorations and favors is $30
so doing DIY projects is the only way to go!
loving these flower pom poms!
So I made some!
I used all of the pink tissue paper I saved from
my baby showers, so they were free!
Some will be in vases, and some will be hanging
from the chandelier. I can't wait to see how it will all look!
For step by step directions, check here.
Stay tuned for more DIY party decor, invitations and gifts!
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Friday, January 1, 2010

fun felted pillow cover

Loving these fun felted pillow covers from PB Teen..
so what did I do?
made my own!
Here they are, I think they might be my favorite pillow
creation yet (am I allowed to call it a creation if I copied it?)
They are fun, girly, sweet,
and did you notice on the floral one that there are little leaves?
They are so subtle, but really add the perfect touch!

They are for sale in my shop.
But if you would like a custom size or color, just let me know!
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