Sunday, June 21, 2009

pillowcase dress

the last time i sewed a piece of clothing was in high school, it was a skirt. it was simple, long and straight, a slit up the back, and an elastic waist. i have NEVER been much of a sewer, except for the few pillow shams i have made, but lately i have had the desire to sew. why now? probably because i am now a stay at home mom and i like having projects that keep me busy. and although i don't have a sewing machine (YET), my birthday is next month and i am hoping i have mentioned it enough for my hubby to get the idea, i am luckily at my parents house for now so i can use my mom's machine.
a few months ago i came across some "pillowcase dresses" on etsy (some actually aren't made of pillowcases, but still are just as cute), i loved them so i checked out some tutorials on them and discovered they were fairly easy to make. i found a few CUTE pillowcases from pottery barn for CHEAP so i decided to go for it! so last week i made miss A two dresses!(one for this summer, one for next summer). i think they came out great, but check them out for yourself!

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  1. I love the pillow case dress! I wish there was a pillow case big enough for me to make a dress for myself:)