Monday, May 10, 2010

Spool No.72 Knock Off

I saw this little dress from Spool No.72
a few months ago and fell in love.
It was more than I wanted to spend ($52) on a
summer dress. And I wanted one that had sleeves.
So what did I do?
Made my own!
I already owned this top (from the Gap Outlet, $6)
so all I had to do was buy 1 yard of "Jelly Bean" green
linen, some thread and some elastic (all for less than $10)
and voila!
I even added the belted sash.
super easy, super inexpensive, and
I love it!

*So next time you see something you love
that's over your price range, don't be afraid to
try and make one yourself*


  1. oh wow, love it! i posted about that dress lamenting the lack of sleeves. i'd buy yours in a second! great job. :)

  2. Are you serious!? I saw you wearing this in a picture on your other blog and I love it! Can't believe you make such amazing clothes!! :)

  3. i love it! it is cuter with sleeves...great job :)

  4. love the dress, love the modesty!

  5. Is there a tutorial for this? Yours is much cuter, BTW!

  6. You are so good! I love this! So glad I found your blog via Sensibly Styled. I'm now a follower!

  7. SO very very cute! But I'm still afraid! I've got lots of shirts I could do that with, but still intimidated by attaching fabric for a skirt.