Tuesday, November 2, 2010

ABC Blocks

The age of plain old ABC blocks has come and gone.
You remember them right,
they look something like this:
Here is a new set of DIY ABC blocks!
So fun to customize in any color scheme!
All you need is:
-2"x 2"x8' pieces of wood (purchased at Home Depot)
-a saw to cut the wood into square blocks
- a sander to sand the corners
-paint color of choice
-scrap book paper of choice
- ABC scrapbook letters
-Mod Podge

I love this Martha Stewart bandana paper,
it's just so fun and bright!
And a cute bucket to store them in!
It's the perfect gift for a 1st or 2nd Birthday
or Christmas!
In case you're not up for a DIY project at this time
they are for sale in my ETSY SHOP


  1. those are really beautiful! I'll have to check them out in your etsy shop because that is definately out of my comfort zone!

  2. I am so gonna try this sometime!! SO adorable!