Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter dress- pillowcase style

The first sewing project I ever took on was a pillowcase dress
(that was about a year ago)
And after a hundred other projects, I still go
back to the pillowcase dress, it's just one of my faves!
Unfortunately, when your model is 14 months
old it's hard to get a good pic!
The fabric was actually a pillow sham from
Pottery Barn Teen, and I loved it! I picked it
up at the outlet, so it was a great deal.
I took the sham apart, and pieced together
the fabric to make the dress.
I love the bold geometric shapes, and
the band at the bottom!
This is the tutorial I used, it's easy and
straightforward and results in a
cute dress, don't you think?!
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Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!