Thursday, June 30, 2011

Welcome Summer

I just hosted a baby shower for my best friend,
her little girls name is going to be Summer
so we went with a "welcome Summer" theme.
It was a brunch, so donut holes, fruit, quiche,
and a yogurt bar were all in attendance.
yum again.
I also tried my hand at the ruffled
cake featured on Martha Stewart
donut holes, in monogrammed,
easy to grab containers.
love IZZE.
And the guests were treated to
cupcakes in a jar as a thank you.
All packaged up and oh so yummy!
Me and the mommy to be!
I'm so excited for her and can't wait to
meet this little girl of hers!


  1. Did you bake the cupcakes in the jar or just place them in there? So cute!!

  2. Cari I just baked them and then put them in, I used 3 cupcake halves per jar, and put frosting in between each layer! Hope that helps, it was super easy and pretty cute!