Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Eli's Nursery- Phase One

Remember when I shared this design board for Eli's nursery?
Well, phase one is complete and I'm beyond happy with it.
I made the crib skirt out of one of my favorite Suzani fabrics,

ordered the Rug from Rugs USA,
and that cute print is from Hello Maypole, the proceeds
of the prints went to help Connecticut families.
I also sewed the little chevron pillow out of some left over fabric I had.

And here is Eli, enjoying his new room, and his Happy Factory truck.

 This little man is six months now, but acting like a nine month old.
He's crawling and trying to stand!

And he is not a fan of sitting still for pictures

And since Ad was feeling left out, we let her join in on the picture taking.

 The room is complete for now, 
we will wait to do the rest when we move in 5 months.