Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Our First Place- The Befores

Welcome to our new home
Here are the BEFORE pictures.
These pictures are from the listing, so this is 
not our furniture or our style at all! 
EVERY. SINGLE. ROOM will be painted
and designed by me, with a little bit of help from
DR. Rad of course!
It's a cute little one story ranch style home.
Our plans for the exterior: 
We plan on repainting it next spring,
whitewashing the brick and hoping to 
make it look less "blah"

This is Addyson's room

 Her room has already been painted, 
furniture, bedding, fabric for curtains and pillows 
have been purchased, and it will hopefully be ready
for a reveal next week!

The kids bathroom
 The kids bath, which is also our guest bath, is 
getting an overhaul as we speak.
We are painting the walls and the cabinets, switching
out the mirror and the lighting, and accessorizing!

This is Eli's room
 It already looks nothing like this.  The walls and ceiling 
have been painted, curtains have been hung, and I am 
awaiting for some artwork I ordered and will hopefully
be hung this weekend.  I am also doing something special
with the ceiling, more on that to come!!

This is the living room
 It unfortunately still looks too much like this.
That horrendous fireplace will hopefully be transformed 
in a week or so after we finish the kids rooms and bathroom.
It will be repainted, new Carrara marble tile, and the brass 
will be updated.  
We have already purchased a sofa, chair, and coffee table for 
this room but we are in search of an entertainment center.

This is the dining area
 We will not be using this space for dining, this will be
turned into the office wall, with a desk and bookshelves.
The kitchen table is less than 20 feet away, and I do not
trust my children to eat on carpet, so it seemed silly 
to use it as a dining space.  That red wall will hopefully be gone
soon because I can't handle looking at it for much longer!

This is the master bedroom
aka where the magic happens
 Currently in this room we have a king size bed.
and. that's it.
We took down the curtains so it's a big blank slate,
but it's farther down on our to do list, so we will get
to it in a month or so.  But for now I am just keeping
my eye out for some dressers and side tables.

This is the kitchen
 I LOVE this kitchen because it's huge.
But that's the only thing I love about it. 
We will be removing the wallpaper, painting the cabinets,
and adding a backsplash. The lighting also needs to be updated, 
chairs need to be purchased for our new table, and stainless steel 
appliance will be added down the road!

We also plan on tackling THIS issue
See those horrible cut outs in the wall?!
What were they thinking?
I would love to take down the top half of that wall and add 
a little bar.  It's over the carpet so it would be more for coloring
and eventually homework rather than eating, but I think a few
stools there would be cute.  Now I just have to convince 
DR. Rad to let me do some demo!

So that's the tour!  It's a work in progress for sure, but 
I am excited to share that progress on here for all to see!


  1. Wow, you are busy! I can't wait to see what you are up to!

  2. Where the magic happens, haha. I love you :) What a great space. I can't wait to see where you take it!