Monday, September 9, 2013

Wallpaper- Good vs. Bad

This is an example of BAD wallpaper.
This is the wallpaper that is currently haunting me in my kitchen.
I would really like to know why this 80's wallpaper was installed 
in my house that was built in 2000.
I am slowly removing this wallpaper and hoping it will be a 
faint memory by next month.

And this is an example of GOOD wallpaper...

Serena and Lily just launched their wallpaper line and it is lovely!
 The "feather", which is their herringbone/chevron-ish pattern is lovely.

And the stripes that can be installed horizontally or vertically is also a fave of mine!

So there you have it, just when I thought I hated wallpaper, 
Serena and Lily changes my mind!
Although I still hate my wallpaper.

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