Saturday, December 12, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree...

Oh Christmas Tree,
I'm so glad I'm done with thee!

So I love this advent calendar from
PB Kids, but I didn't love the $80 price tag,
and the fact that they discontinued it!
So, 4 dollars, and 2 weeks later, here's my version!
Yes, it took me 2 weeks because I got burnt out from it quite a few times.
And yes, It still needs numbers.
And yes, the pockets aren't perfectly straight
(I swear they were when I was sewing them on?!)
But it really only cost me 4 dollars!
I had tons of scrap felt from previous projects.
The beads, sequins and ribbons were already in my stash.
So all I bought was 1 yard of green felt!
But even if you did had to buy the felt, ribbons, sequins, and beads,
it still would only cost you about 12 dollars!

And, although it's not perfect,
I made it, which makes it special!
What do you think?
Successful or unsuccessful knock-off?


  1. It looks great! and even better that it cost you only a couple of dollars to make:) I love Pottery Barn DIY projects!

  2. I think it's absolutely wonderful! I love your blog because it gives me ideas of what I could do on a budget. Thanks Kristin!

  3. Perfectly adorable! The crooked pockets look like they are supposed to be that way... but if it bothers you in the future you should try using wonder under. It is sticky iron on stuff that washes away. it allows you to iron something in place, so that when you sew it is doesn't move. So Cute!

  4. Yours is way cuter than PB because you did it! Mass production takes all the cuteness out of any project. :)