Monday, December 7, 2009

snowed in

It has been snowing for the last 24 hours,
and it's still going strong!
Here's a view from the front of our house...
from the back of the house...
and the killer icicles on our roof!
So, it seemed like the perfect day for a project!
I saw these napkin rings a while back on PB
and fell in love!
they are no longer available, so I didn't catch the price,
but I figured I could make a cheaper version myself!
I picked up these at the dollar store a few weeks ago.
I cut off the cheapo fabric,
and was left with a gray plastic napkin ring.
I then bought some mini jingle bells from Michael's,
which were on sale last week.
And, hot glued them right on!

Here's how it turned out!
I love the chunkiness of mine,
and the fact that they were most likely cheaper than the PB price!
What do you think?
Need a set of your own?
Send me an email or convo me on Etsy,
and I will make you your very own!

I'll be linking up to Strut Your Stuff Thursday
over at Somewhat Simple!


  1. You are so creative! Love these! Would be fab with teh cute little red jingle bells I've seen... hmmmmmmmm :)

  2. Love it!! So smart. I love pottery barn projects!

  3. Very cute! I'll bet they were WAY less than the pottery barn version :)

  4. What a very cute idea! :) Love getting the look for less! Great job!

  5. Those are really cute! You are oh so creative for thinking of that, I certainly never would have:)

  6. this is awesome! i think i am going to have to try this myself!

  7. I love to see people who show projects that mimic PB items!

    such a good idea!

  8. Oh wow, this is so cute! And I have the same napkin rings at my $ Tree, and I kept looking at them thinking "I know you could be fabulous!". Now I know how! I'm going to have this featured on my sidebar tomorrow!

  9. so stinkin' cute! I'm excited to look through your archives and see what else you've come up with!

  10. I love these! Will be adding this to my to do list. Thanks!