Thursday, August 29, 2013

Guest Bath Before and Afters

This is what the guest/kids bathroom looked like when we toured our house.
The tile, tub, sink, and toilet were all in great condition but it needed
to be updated and prettied up a bit.

We took down the mirror, light fixture, and towel rods and got to work!

Finding wallpaper under the mirror was not something we expected
but it only took about an hour to remove it.

Our first house guests are arriving today and the bathroom is ready for them!
It took lots of paint and time, but it was an inexpensive update that 
makes a huge difference!

 In the words of Outkast,
it's "so fresh and so clean clean"

Now on to the next room! 


  1. Love the big wide stripes. Awesome re-do that has such a big impact!

  2. Holy flip. It looks amazing Kristin!! Love it.